Visar Sorting and Wyma Solutions team up for NZ and Australian Customers.

Wyma are excited to announce a new partnership with Visar Sorting. This partnership will cover the distribution of equipment to Australia and New Zealand customers.

Visar Sorting launched in 2008, since then they have provided top of the line sorting equipment all over the globe. Their innovative design has resulted in the system sorting as if it was done manually but with a greater capacity and consistency.  The incredible accuracy of the high definition optical system scans and detects any faults. The artificial intelligence of the Visar software selects all sellable carrots reducing the chance of wasting good carrots.

The new partnership involves Wyma acting as the distributor to sell Visar products to all Australian and New Zealand customers in the carrot industry. By combining Visar’s top of the line sorting technology, with Wyma’s post-harvest equipment, customers now get the possible solutions for their produce.

About Wyma Solutions (New Zealand):
Wyma Solutions designs, manufactures, distributes and services post-harvest vegetable equipment and solutions worldwide. Their product range includes equipment to tip, receive, remove waste, brush, polish, cool, dry, convey, grade, size and pack vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions and parsnips as well as complete dry, wash or pre-pack line solutions.

About Visar Sorting (Switzerland):
Visar Sorting are a world leader when it comes to sorting equipment. Having launched in 2008, they have gone from strength to strength to produce a sorting system which is unrivalled by anything else on the market.  Through extensive research and development they have perfected their equipment and are now exporting their state of the art equipment worldwide.

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